Accessories Are Really A Necessity

When most of us hear the word “outfit” we think of clothes: a top, a pant or skirt, a dress, shoes, and maybe even a jacket. While clothing is a huge part of what makes an outfit, accessories play just as important of a role. Just as any combination of tops and bottoms can create multitudes of outfit choices, adding accessories to the mix multiplies those possibilities beyond imagination. Though accessories seem small, both clothes and accents hold just as much importance in an outfit. You can mix and match tops and bottoms, sweaters and skirts, to match any outing or occasion, but the way you choose to accessorize these combinations have immense powers of persuasion. A gold chain or a statement necklace can make a basic tee seem more put-together and purposeful, just as a print skirt or pumps could do the same. Adding bangles, long chains or other costume jewelry can dress down a work-appropriate button-down if you’re casually meeting a friend on your lunch break. A well-chosen necklace, bracelet, choice of rings or even choice of handbag can dress up or dress down an outfit beyond the combination of clothing articles.

They are also a great way to keep your wardrobe looking fresh and new. By keeping up with the latest trends or having a select few fashion staples can extend the life of any wardrobe. Wearing a bold, chunky necklace can give new life to an old cardigan or your favorite v-neck tee. You can keep your wardrobe staples looking new and updated depending on what you choose to wear with them. Even if you merely pair an outfit with an accessory you have not normally thought to wear with it can make the entire ensemble look new, leaving you feeling refreshed and fashionable without breaking the bank.

Despite their practical uses, accessories also act as a personal statement. The pieces you choose to wear, with what, and where are all unique to you and your style. No one has the same collection of accessories and no one wears any one piece quite the same way. What pieces you decide to wear always say something about you and always make a personal statement. Every fashion decision you make is a testament to your unique personality.

Fashion Accessories Are Back In Fashion And So Are Stripes!

A trend seen over the last few years, is the return of the stripes. Stripy shorts or stripy tops, we have all been told that the sailor style is one of the key looks to be reckoned with…Think french style, cote d’Azure or Brittany; Think stripes in navy blue, red, or white. The epitome of classic style with that “un certain je ne sais quoi” as the French would say!

My question is: have you adopted it? If you haven’t yet invested in one nautically inspired piece this season, here is why you should:

* Timeless and effortless chic with high ‘wearability’, beyond next summer’s new trends.

* International appeal from our sailing paradises to the French Riviera.

* Nice nautical pieces are usually hard to find, make the most of it being one of the key looks of the season.

Chose pieces that are individual and reflect your personality, go for natural fibers such as linen and cotton and opt for timeless smart cuts, this is particularly important with pants. Also, keep your accessories to a minimum while wearing the sailor look. Over accessorizing while wearing stripy outfits, is an over-kill and so a big no-no.

Another fashion trend recorded the last few years, unless you have been living on a different fashion planet to our own, is the return en force of fashion accessories in the past couple of years. Accessories from belts, ‘it’ bags, long, short, beaded, silver all kinds of necklaces, scarves, bracelets sets with charms, jewellery galore and bling-blings etc…. the list is never-ending and we are all enjoying the fun accessories bring to our wardrobe.

Accessories can instantly update an outfit and bring it up to ‘fashion speed’. They also instantly lift something as basic as a white singlet – just add a fun sequin brooch for a simple and elegant look that is your own and not everyone else’s.

Chose accessories that are fresh and unique and allow yourself to be a bit bolder in your choices – as an example, distinctive jewellery can be a real talking point and will make you stand out from the crowd….

And lastly, remember to keep all your ‘finds’, over each year you will have added all the latest looks which will inevitably be revived at some point!
Which ever fashion trend or fashion style you like and want to follow, remember that most important of all, you need to make it your own, adjust it to your personality. So own your style and stand out from the crowds!

Pink Coach Purse – Highly Desirable Fashion Accessory

Purse is an important fashion accessory for any woman and is a must have for any occasion from shopping to casual gatherings. This is why many women cannot leave home without carrying them. Coach purse is probably the most coveted, inspirational and sought-after luxury brand in the fashion world today. This is because a Coach purse is designed beautifully and charmingly. It is crafted extremely well, making sure that it lasts for a long time.

Fashion trends have changed and the beauty concepts and rules have changed. Undoubtedly, the colors which are essence of fashion accessories have undergone huge changes over the past few decades. Today it is the pink color that rocks on all the fashion accessories, from handbags to evening purses, jewelry to belts, scarves to cell phone cases, and shoes to rhinestones.

Young women and girls simply love pink color. So, it doesn’t surprise the fact that pink purses are generally liked by all girls as well as young women. They are so much fun and they add sparkle to every outfit. Fashion trends have changed, yet these purses have remained to be one of the most sought after fashion accessories. Pink is not just a color among other colors when it comes to fashion and style, but the most prominent and sought after color by purse lovers and fashion connoisseurs.

Pink Coach purses are one of the most popular models of purses offered by Coach. They are not only practical, but very stylish and attractive. Pink purse is perfect for a night out with the girls or a day trip around town. Different outfits call for different purse styles, but not all purses are the same. These purses are the most desired small handbags in the House of Coach.

Classic and timeless are words that come to mind when thinking about Coach. Handcrafted by skilled craftsmen of finest quality silk, cotton, and leather Coach purses will last for years to come. No stitching in the bags will ever be out of place.

Celebs love Coach purses too. Not only do they look stunning, but also every little detail is made to perfection. Many designers think this is the key to their success. Coach purses are sturdy and perfectly stitched and creatively designed. It also makes a good gift item for almost everyone. For your daughter, it makes a great addition to the wardrobe. For your girlfriend, it will be a gift she will never forget.